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If you have a large motor, or just want your 80-incher to feel big, then you want the Pegasus Fuel Injection system on your bike.

"VTwin Product of the Year" - Easyriders Magazine

Pegasus is the only turn-key fuel injection and engine management system for Harley-Davidson Vtwin engines that Easyriders Magazine calls "a very well made piece."

  • Guaranteed to provide more HP and increased acceleration
  • Adds torque at lower rpms
  • Significantly improves throttle response and makes starts easier
  • Easy to install, with no machining or special tools necessary
  • Everything you need to replace the carburetor and ignition module

The Pegasus is not just a replacement or piggyback ECU, but a complete aftermarket engine management system for any V-Twin. It significantly improves Harley Davidson performance, producing a cooler, more complete burn for better fuel efficiency, more power, lower emissions, and a smoother running engine. Hands down, it’s the best electronic fuel injection system for Harley clone engines available to put power to your rear wheel.

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Check out this review of the Pegasus system by Easyriders Magazine

(Special thanks to Joe Teresi and Cathy Gibson at Paisano Publishing for providing a copy of this article. Note: this file is approximately 53MB and may take longer to download)