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Mil's Blue Bike

Mil has just finished his latest creation, a distinctive all-blue motorcycle that he built for his son. This bike has a 113 cubic inch S&S motor with a 6 speed transmission, Kraft/Ttech ( single down tube frame, 20 in tire rear and 21 in the front. The seat is custom from Bob Lepera ( and the primary drive and GMA brakes ( come from our friends at BDL.

Of course, he installed a Pegasus fuel injection system, so besides dynoing at 113 HP and 124 torque it also gets 49 mpg at 70 mph.

For those who don’t know, Mil Blair is the guy on the other end of the phone when you call with technical questions. You can see a longer bio for Mil on our web site about_us.php_/a.html>, but let’s just say that Mil has built more bikes than most custom builders who do it for a living, and he knows how to get power and performance out of a custom-made Harley.

Mil Blue Bike

Staying with the blue color scheme, even for the throttle body, Mil used one of the tinted throttle bodies we made early in the development of the Pegasus system. (They are not available right now.) You can also see the unusual choice he’s made for an air cleaner. Since the bike won’t be ridden in areas with much dust he decided to cover the throttle opening with just a screen to keep out pebbles and other big road junk.

Blue TB Mil

You can also see the orange bike Mil built and rides all over Los Angeles on the front page of our web site: a.html>

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