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A tribute to Ray's bike

Permission granted by Easyriders

Ray owns Tiger Manufacturing, a company that does everything possible with metal. He has a giant laser cutter plus every kind of mill, lathe, drill press, shear, bender, cutter, torch and roller known to man. There's a bunch of bikes being built in there as well. Mil Blair can be seen often in this facility, especially around Miller time.

Powered by an S&S 113 EVO (110 HP, 120 ft-lbf torque)..... inside a Kraftech single downtube frame.

Check out the Pegasus PFI V5.0 fuel injection system with the Ray's custom intake snorkel. The exhaust pipes are hand-bent, then ceramic coated.

It don't get any skinnier than this!!

The fuel pump is located behind the transmission, close to the starter solenoid.

A BDL belt drive and Mil's custom belt guard/tailight housing equal a clean left side.

Very clean, simple. Notice how nice the fuel lines look.

No visible wires because Ray used a PFI relaybox (located inside of the handlebars) to reduce the wire count and simplify the harness.

Anyone have a tennis ball?

You like??

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