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Dave’s 127 HP Sportster

This is Dave's Sportster. An 80 incher with special everything.....already holds records at El Mirage! An incredible piece of work-this bike was made to go FAST. 5 dyno pulls at Bill Chambers' shop yielded 127 HP at 7500 RPM (see Dyno Run), and Bill says there's plenty of room for improvement! The most amazing thing was to see how just two degrees of timing advance at 7500 RPM added 4 HP. The next step for this bike is PFI NITROUS!!

A great pic of Dave on the bike.

Dave Isley on the bike and Bill Chambers in the background.

With the seat removed, you can see the Racepac data acquisition system. WEGOs in each pipe, plus much more. What you can't see is the PFI throttle bored to 63 mm, or the equivalent of a "D" size. Huge 3/8" fuel lines are used to reduce pressure pulses in the fuel line. Larry checks the cyl temps before each run. Fuel distribution is excellent and both WEGOs read approx. 12.5:1 (gasoline) Af when HP is 127.

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